Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mixed Bag 5 of 6 Sue's Clay Garden

Ivenotime (Sue) sent me this magnet she made. It's so very cool. She says it represents her 'black thumb' gardening skills. I say she should grow aloe. You can't kill it. Really. You'd have to try with extreme measures that involve blowtorches or running over it with your car.

Thanks, Sue. I'd like to see more from your "My Garden" collection.


Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

"Black thumb" I love it. I once killed a rather expensive Bonsai tree that was given to me as a gift. I kept the little "mud-man" that came with it, but disposed of the corpse quickly and efficiently.

At night, I still wake up to its wretched, sub-sonic screaming.

Rubius said...

oh... aloe is one of the easiest of things for me to kill... water...water... test the soil...water... water... and then it melts into the stinkiest goo I have ever met.

worse than rotten meat... is rotten aloe and rotten cactus.

K said...

I don't kill plants, but I did once try to grow orange pips and ended up with a bunch of healthy (and fruiting) capsicum plants...

Fridge poetry! woohoo! (Until recently, our fridge said "Be my wild worm".)

lisa said...

Aloe likes to be more dry than wet. If you try to grow it, lean toward watering less than you think. In the summer, it turns rather gray and starts to look less like a plant than like a sea creature sprouting up from the rocks. But it's not dead. Just pretending.

We keep our fridge poetry up high, out of Orion's line of sight---with good reason.