Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Technical Difficulties....

--------- Ravyn here...

Phone lines are down in the desert. i've been talking to Lisa on her cell phone today, tracking a package that was somehow sent **LOW** Priority Mail, heh.

But when she called me while i was in a meeting, i was treated to baffled looks from my client (and passers-by in Panera Bread), when my purse started bleating like a sheep... **grin**. Yes, i found a custom ring-tone for her number that sounds JUST like a sheep.

BAAAAAAHHHHHHHH...... (i'll have to get her to call me more often, at random times)

So, when it was looking like she wasn't going to get phone service anytime soon, she told me i could post in her place if i wanted. Sooooooooooooo i'm hijacking her blog tonight, and subjecting you to my "baby" pictures, heh.

This is Ravynesque, just over three years old now, modeling her brand new halter. i have more baby pictures, and other silly things, on my blog. Check it out before she gets her phone service back and sees what i did to her blog muah hah hah hah hah!



faerydusted1 said...

She's beautiful.
I had actually checked out your LJ the other day and thought the pictures were great! (Except I had to look at your bird a few times- I thought it was made of wax. ::grin::)
I'm still knee deep in sorting pics of Balticon, but after that I have some pictures of my sister-in-law and brother's Tenn. Walking Horses to post (a.k.a. my newphews).

Carl V. said...

That is a beautiful horse!

ivenotime said...

She is lovely, and its hard to believe she is still growing - do you ride her now, or do you have to wait until she is full grown? Hope you've recovered nicely from Balticon, such fun to meet you!

ravyn said...

first, the proud momma says thank you for the compliments :-)

faerydusted - Hard to believe she is a percheron, eh? And yes, the bird was real (died in 2002 but i love that photo). Whenever you get those Balticon photos up, i'll link to them on the Balticon blog (if you don't mind :-). And i can't wait to see the Walking Horse pics! i'm a sucker for horsie pics **grin**

ivenotime - according to my riding instructor, draft horses mature more slowly. Their bones take years to fuse (or "close"), with the vertebrae fusing last at about 5.5 years old. i may be able to get on her and walk next year, but, no serious work under saddle til she's 5.