Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mixed Bag 2 of 6 Otter Pop Wisdom

Otter Pops are a staple around here all year, but especially May through Sept, where the studio fridge almost never holds less than several dozens..

Otter Pops come in colors, not flavors---even the tropical ones.

Otter Pops taste best if you eat two different colors together.

Green Otter Pops make passable light sabers.

It's virtually impossible to be truly angry while eating an Otter Pop.

It's highly possible to be extremely irate when Otter Pops aren't available.

When I came back from Baltimore, Orion had a new haircut. Who IS this kid??


Mimi said...

He looks a bit like Cyclops (from the X-Men movies), but blonde.

jordan's mom said...

I think dads need to be responsible for sons' first "big guy" haircuts, because I believe moms are biologically incapable of getting it done. If it were up to us, sons would all start kindergarten looking like little Samsons.

We can't get Otter Pops back east. By your descriptions, I think I'm jealous.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

They sound a lot like Flavor-Ice, but that may just be the East-Coast name for them.

Are they like neon-rainbow, chemical-filled plastic tubes that are joined together like baby-back ribs? Can you pick them up at the store in liquid form and take them home and freeze them later?

I bet they are.

K said...


Our mothers always told us not to try to bite them open. It was a surefire way to get bits of polythene stuck very hard between your teeth... I hope they are only being used as lightsabres when wrapped up, as using them unwrapped sounds like a surefire recipe for green ice being trodden into the carpet.

I could do with one, as it's about 70 degrees here. Small beer by your standards, but still.

lisa said...

Right. They are just like Frosty Pops or Flavor Ice.

I could never have done this haircut thing. If it's up to me, he'll be back to surfer-boy in no time. It's a mom thing, evidently.
We keep a sticky pair of scissors by the studio fridge just for pops. Yuk.

Hmmm. I'll have to check Cyclops out.

good word verification: urtquog

K said...

Augh - did I really use "surefire" twice in one comment? I did.

Haircuts are definitely a boy thing. My little brother, who looked, aged five, like an adorable dark-eyed pixie, was told by his schoolteacher that he was looking a bit shaggy. Over the next several years, his aim was to have hair as short as Mum would let him. (Perhaps having two sisters with waistlength hair had something to do with it.)

He's now almost 22 and back to "shaggy", which is fun for his sisters as he has that thick wiry hair which can easily be shaped into quiffs or horns...

Carl V. said...

That's one stylin' kid!