Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am as tired as I can remember being in a very long time. I came back from Balticon several pounds lighter, dehydrated, and feeling the accumulated effects of two weeks without nearly enough sleep. My luggage did make it back. It lay on the floor for a day, looking more eviscerated than unpacked. I burrowed to make sure the most important items were there, and left until tonight. Still, many good things happened at Balticon, and I will tell you about them in bits. Scroll down for photos of the Brainiacs from children's programming.


ivenotime said...

Glad to hear your luggage came back safe and sound - seems like Balticon knocked the stuffing out of all of us! Great meeting you and I enjoy my sculpture immensely - I'll be getting in touch soon, a bit under the weather myself.

vandaluna said...

Travel is hard. I've slept much since bcon and have been battling bad headaches. I feel better now, however.

I don't think you can drink enough water...I think the change in environment is stressful.

Glad everyone is recovering, luggage found, home safely.

Carl V. said...

I hope you feel recovered and rejuvinated very soon!

Mimi said...

Hi Lisa,
Good to hear you're back home safe -- and yay for wayward luggage making its way back home! Hope you're drinking lots of water, relaxing and recovering. (And do take care of your wrist... you need that!)
Say a fond hello to California for me. It's storming in New York...

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

I absolutely did not see the wings until you pointed them out. I assumed this was more of an opposite-of-an-angel kind of creature, (though presented in a parallel format to the other angel pieces you've done) swimming a back-stroke through a rather gory pool with the hands of the pitiable damned reaching up and out of the ichor all around it.

Then I read the bit about the wings (and saw the full-length shot) and suddenly saw things a bit differently.

Either way, the piece is pretty visceral, macabre, and my favorite kind of beautiful. The paddle-ball just lent a kind of perverse humor to the idyllic nature of my first interpretation... and actually does the same in the second as well.