Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mixed Bag 6 of 6 Thanks, O

Thanks, Orion.
Alison is visiting this week. When my spawn get together, they tend to enjoy talking about plans for my old age and interment. I pretend not to hear them, so they get more ridiculous until I finally say "alright, that's it." Then, of course, peals of laughter.
I have no one but myself to blame.
It occurs to me that if Orion has anything to do with inscriptions, he's likely as not to choose as a quote:
"Hang on sweetie, Mommy just has to write something down."
So, this one for the records---thanks, you.


Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

You are such a cool mom!

jestersdna said...

look at that suave face...

K said...

Orion, can I have my sunglasses back?

jordan's mom said...

Did you make the bunny?