Saturday, June 17, 2006

Guardian of Sorrows

Guardian of Sorrows,

Antithesis to El Maestro del Fuego. Someday, someone will give me a great deal of money and I will sculpt a massive wall piece. Within it, the two will be engaged in immortal combat, angel against angel, skulls against hands. Balance. Ballet. Fire.

I can see it in my head.

Someday, likely, I will sculpt it anyway because, damn, that's hot.

I finished this today and I'm so ready for a shower, chocolate and rest. I've been thinking about the process, the actual burning of these pieces. I'll take a stab at explaining that next post, and answering technical questions.

Guardian of Sorrows was commissioned by Roland Chisolm and Robert Johnson. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to create this sculpture for them. Thanks, guys!



Roland said...

And, as always, thank you, Lisa, for sharing your art, talent and vision with us, especially this detailed photographic account of how he came to be.

He's amazingly beautiful. Can't wait to see him up close and personal. Thank you again and keep making that magic that you make so well.

Bug hogs,

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

hmm...a wall sized piece...

David Niall Wilson said... That is an amazing piece...truly. Now I have to go get that new job AND sell a best-seller so I can commission the wall piece (lol). I love the way you post the different sections in detailed shots so you (we) can see the whole amazing thing...


Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

He's certainly come a long way from his bow-tie and horn days.

His eyes are alive.

Dan Guy said...

Delightful and delicious.