Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some days it's like this..

This is sort of a test post as Blogger seems to be down for my journal, though not for journals of others we regularly check. Hmmm.
It's 111degrees outside today. Pete pitched his tent last night to air it out before he leaves for his annual "hippyfest"High Sierra Music Festival > High Sierra Music. It's an eight-day gig where he does staging for the bands, but he enjoys it so much I know he'd likely go even if not to work. For him, as for me, sometimes his job doesn't seem like a job.
The tent is set up underneath the "main canopy" outside, but we still must check to make sure the floor doesn't start to melt.

I'm trying to be in the studio, but keep getting pulled out to handle this call or that, mostly with shipping issues. Some days my job seems like a 'real' job. No thanks.



Dan Guy said...

111-deg? Yikes! (Make a wish.)

I love my work, but so much of my job seems to be dealing with the bureaucracy and busting hurdles so that I can actually do it.

jestersdna said...

It was about 100 here, but with 100% humidity. *ick*

I wish I had a job that didn't feel like one... maybe after I finish school.

Rubius said...

in our 70 F weather someone asked me today if I thought it was hot. I said 'no, I won't say it is hot until I am in a desert'.. I admit I had your weather in mind.

although I haven't commented, I have really enjoyed your documentation of angelic creation. Have you read His Dark Materials?

as far as work goes I know someone who would love to handle menial stuff like that for you... I know her well.