Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 33

Saturday is a 'wash.'

Mostly of being miserably uncomfortable and exploiting all the aspects of cups of hot tea, which are many. There's the act of making it, the anticipation of comfort, the feel of the hot cup in one's hands, the fragrance, the steamy air to help with breathing. I found that holding the cup against my face eases pain there too. And then, there's the drinking. Aubrey is in day 11 of this awful cold/flu thing, I'm in day 6, though I don't think I have nearly as bad a case as she. Apparently this is an airbourne virus 'sweeping the desert,' even making the news.

Our hopes are tha Sunday will be better. g'night


Kelly said...

I am sorry y'all are so miserable! Get well soon!

spacedlaw said...

Get better soon!