Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 32

This morning I awake to the sound of bells. Clarion clear, not of-this-world bells, the bells of my dream world. They are otherworldly beautiful. Golden. How can one describe music in words? It's a difficult exercise. I was there again. In that place of sunlit fields and dusty roads. Azure skies and air fresh and cool. And I there, healthy, tanned and strong. But the memory vanished like smoke when I opened my eyes. I haven't been there in weeks and I begin to understand why. It's my alarm clock.
This morning was a scheduled 'sleep in' day with no alarm. The 6:45 of my usual day doesn't allow me to get to that place, or possibly doesn't allow the transition, which is the only opportunity for bringing back any sort of memory.
Today was no exception, really. I didn't bring anything back except the silent space where the music was. But that was enough at least to know I was there. But, was I? The brain is a terrible and wonderful thing. Bigger inside than out.
What is this place? I honestly don't know.

I do know that we work things out in our dreams and that my dream life has always been strong. My schedule has been off for awhile. I don't know why, but when my morning alarm sounds I awake with dread and emptiness. I must talk myself into getting up and doing the things I need to do. Mostly it's the sort of morning hurdles everyone must jump over. I'm sure you know what I mean.

So I get myself up each morning, put on the coffee and do all the things expected of me and then some. I'm a little torn, actually. Possibly it's better if I'm never reminded of this other place. But then, time spent there allows glimpses of truth that make sense.

Sigh. Here it is bedtime again. No alarm tomorrow, for it's the weekend. Perhaps I'll have another visit. Tell me, please, where do you go when you sleep? Do you frequent any particular place?

It's warm here in the desert. We're having a sort of 'false spring' with the streets dusted with pollen and trees in bloom. It could be that winter is over here, or it could get cold again and the blooms drop and we have no fruit next winter.

Just moments ago, Orion and I followed our heroes as they cowered against the Lonely Mountain, waiting for Smaug to vent his wrath and destroy them. We both have high hopes that luck will prevail and Bilbo will find a way to save them.

I wish you good dreams and that you awake with anticipation of your Saturday.




spacedlaw said...

My dreams take me all over the place, some of which I might recognize but mostly constructions, possible like theatre sets. They feel real enough but I always know I could walk right through and into another dream should I feel the need.
As a landscape it is difficult to explore. You might think you are going somewhere and end up somewhere else entirely. Like us our dreams are itinerant. Maybe they get bored otherwise?

J.W.B. said...

I rarely remember my dreams but recently I've been recalling alot of them. Last night I had a dream about a doll house. I don't know who had given it to me but I kept thinking what a great set it would make for a stop motion, which I haven't done in about two or three years. It had a winder-upper thing on it's side and played music box music, what not sure what song. It was very odd.

This was a first because usually my dreams are about survival from alien invasions and whatnot.

Melissa P said...

I wish I had a calm, recurring place in dreams. Typically, I spend dreams in various forms of escape or trying to mediate disputes. (Fortunately, I have yet to encounter alien invasions like J.W.B. but unknown assailants abound.) I do feel like things get worked on in my dreams--that all my efforts there count for something in this "reality".

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, that things are looking better today.

DavidK said...

I often remember my dreams, but cannot describe them, as they seem to exist in a way that cannot be accessed by words. It's not that they're hard to describe, in the way we normally use that phrase, but rather that the words just don't apply at all - there's a fundamental disconnect between the dream reality and waking reality that prevents connection by words.

I've read somewhere that if you're on a regular sleep schedule, you're less likely to remember dreams, because the cycles within the sleeping mind accommodate the schedule to assure that the waking occurs at a non-dream position. Thus, if you vary your alarm periodically, you're more likely to remember your dreams....

Anonymous said...

I wrote a script for a graphic novel about where I go in my dreams. One day I may finish drawing it.


The Hermits' Garden said...

I never know where my dreams will take me or what all I'll see/do/learn there. Your post was lovely and reminded me that I used to love writing...

GingerGirl said...

I dream of the mundane and the fantastic, walking the aisle of grocery stores, speaking with those long-dead, flying--so frequently flying. Thanksfully, the laws of physics and gravity do not dream world has only possibilities. And, when they start to travel into territory that becomes too disturbing, it always allows me to redirect, or rewind, to allow myself the "out" that the waking world too often denies.

Here is to rest and wellness, and dreams that nurture your soul.

Shari said...

My dreams are either anxiety (missing a class in high school) or in a beautiful but crumbling apartment building in a formerly chi-chi part of Minneapolis. Always surrounded or under water, so the aging treasures and antiques glow indigo, emerald, and copper, with water reflections on the walls. Someplace sad and beautiful that I don't want to leave.