Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 28

All day today I'm troubled and tonight I'm much worse off. That's how it is, our troubles. Harry Nilsson sang about thinking of our troubles as we sit at the breakfast table. That's one way to start the day, I suppose. Not my favorite though. Still I'd prefer that to troubles at night. We all have them sometimes. Not the everyday sorts of things that are bothersome, but the things that can't be fixed with money or hard work. Troubles of the heart that threaten to take our legs right out from under us.
Reading sustained me tonight. I read to Orion tonight, focusing intensely on the words, reading quietly but meaningfully as we followed our disheartened friends facing the final leg of their long journey. Eventually, I began to think more about their challenges and less about my own.
I don't know really, how my own troubles will resolve themselves, only that in time, something will adjust. It's how the universe works. I trust that. Eventually, I'll put the pain into its proper context, which means some form of art. I speak that language much better than this one, it seems.
In the meantime, I will read my way through it. For the books on my shelves, and the humans who created them, I am always and forever grateful. To Harry Nilsson too, and The Point.

Think About Your Troubles



Anonymous said...

Without books, and stories in general, much of my life (and ALL of my childhood and adolescence) would have driven me mad. The mere fact of having somewhere else to go, if only for a little while, helps keep us sane.

I hope it is better soon.

lisa said...

thank you ulffriend, I agree entirely. The important thing for most of us seems to be to know that things do change and will.
I wouldn't trade anything for the time I've spent reading.

ravyn said...

When i was very young, we had The Point on an LP (i don't think i ever saw the movie). It was so long ago that i only have the faintest, most disjointed memories of the songs i loved. But i think that was one of them, even though when i listen now, i don't recognize it entirely. But i remember the whale.

My problem is i've been doing too much "thinking" and not enough "doing". But i'm digging my way out. Slowly.

Just keep swimming.