Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 59

Still slogging along, though more productive. Can't tell if I'm feeling better, or adjusting to a level of discomfort. More nastiness from the x, seemed to roll off this time. I can't say I'm comfortably numb. Or even that I'm numb.
Mostly I'm putting one foot in front of the other, trading slow for stumbling.
It will have to do for now. When things improve, I'll cheer and I know you'll cheer with me. Thinking and typing that helps.

So, here is the sculpture as I found it.
(I'm not going to bother numbering the photos.)

For texture I'll use tissue paper. I have black on hand. I've torn it into strips that are roughly the length of the body.

I have pste left from yesterday. I brush a thick layer onto the body. It's cold and smells like bread. I realize I'm hungry.

Now I crinkle the strips vertically---sort of like a broomstick skirt.

I attached these crinkled strips onto the body.
I brush them with paste. I flatten as I go, to remove any air trapped underneath, or thick spots of paste. The flattening adds a lot of wrinkles that will make the texture more interesting and wood-like.
I use the same process for the sleeves, tucking the wet ends inside and smoothing them.

After the body and sleeves are covered, I move the sculpture outside to dry. Again.
A lot of papier mache is waiting. I had some tissue and paste left over, so I covered a small rubber ball to use in another piece.
Now I'll work on other things while this dries.
And look for something to eat.
Hope your Friday is good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Long time reader, first time caller.

I just wanted to know how Spencer was doing. I hear Pete punched him in the face. Has his head reached Pluto yet? Also, he went to the hospital? Boy, I'll bet that was expensive

Anonymous said...

One wonders where that piece will wind up.


lisa said...

Anonymouse: Spencer might be the bravest person I know. I'm pretty sure if he were going to punch someone, he wouldn't sneak up from behind, I'm also really sure he wouldn't punch someone half his size.
Really, what kind of human being sneaks up behind someone half his size and punches ?
We learned about this in kindergarten.
Well, most of us did.

Rob: It's still a bit of a mystery WHAT the piece will end up. I see it, but not the details. I'm going to let this one decide itself, which I find really a satisfying process.