Sunday, February 06, 2011

Day 48

Everything seemed so blue today. The light quality. Our own Misty Mountains, where last week we watched the wind blow the dry snow up like sea spray over the ridges. So I painted things in blues, and actually today went into the greenhouse and picked up a little, looked around wistfully and entertained thoughts of starting it up again for spring.
The Super Bowl was today. I don't know who won. I didn't watch the game. It's not my thing, football. It never was. But I don't hate football. I'm indifferent to it. It's outside of my radar. That's okay. In this life, there is time for anything, but not time for everything. We choose. I did. And my choices didn't happen to include football. It's the choices that divide us into groups and sets and sub sets. And that's okay too, at least it makes conversation a bit easier.
I tend to like wizards instead, and a great many other things. I wonder if I'd watch football if the players were wizards?
Orion and I didn't finish the last chapter of The Hobbit tonight. He was simply too tired at bedtime, already yawning and nodding off before I even opened the book. Today was like spring outside and there was quite a bit of running around.


J.W.B. said...

Football with wizards? Sounds like Quidditch. Which is something I'd love to watch if it were real...but same for me and football and most sports, really. Just not my cup of tea. Don't get how people could invest so much thought into something like that...but I don't mind. I never question anyone about it. It is what it is.

Artships said...

I can't believe you didn't watch the Superbowl! Two teams of athletes at play. Spectacular halftime entertainment. And... The commercials! How will you know which product to reward with your patronage as judged by the cleverness of its advertising agency? It's Culture Contemporaire, and you missed it. And for what? Paying attention to what you're doing and where you're going and the people in your life that mean more than all the glitz and eye candy on TV?

Oh. Yeah.

It must be scary going through life with eyes open. It is that I see, and your courage and honesty reflected in your art. You go, girl!