Wednesday, February 16, 2011

57 and 58

are two days nearly indistinguishable from each other, in that I slogged through them both. I actually don't remember a lot about yesterday, except Aubrey taking photos of three new poppets and I proceeding along with the papier mache sculpture. (photos up tomorrow.)

This morning is clear though, as I'm driving into Palm Springs proper, the view directly ahead of me looks like a page out of a story book. The mountains, green in the morning light, partially shrouded in misty grey clouds with a rainbow arching right through the center.
I didn't like it. Not this morning, because mostly all I can think about is how much I didn't want to get out of bed, how tired I am of slogging through. I'm in possession of a bad attitude. I know why. It's simply because I'm still feeling shitty from this bronchial thing. It's essentially gone, but I'm not recovered. So I feel outside of the rainbow, not invited and not even in the species of the joggers and dog-walkers stopping with camera phones or simply pointing and admiring.
Bitter, grouchy, bitter.

This too will pass. And it did.

In the evening, I found myself driving Orion through an older area of the city at dusk. We rode with the windows open, enjoying the smell of the rain behind us and watching the full moon emerge from the clouds ahead. We were on the way to the game store to fulfill a promise I made him---that if he kept his head at the dentist I'd take him there to spend his Valentine card money from his grandparents. He chose couple of games and I kicked in a little extra so he could get both. On the way back we played guessing games and counted punch-bugs and looked for bats taking off in fluttery bunches between the trees.

I don't know that I learned anything in particular these two days. Just slogged through, reminding myself the bad moments would pass and making the most of the good.
Now I'm off to read the last of our Hobbit adventure, beginning with an unexpected and very unpleasant appearance of goblins.
I am reminded that things could certainly be worse. At least there are no goblins. Hope you don't have any either.

a good night to you all.

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gigi said...

No goblins but much snow.

The walk home after work (a very exhausting day) was magical; falling snow and a quiet, hushed city did much to lift my spirits as does your writing.