Saturday, July 09, 2011

Day 203

Ever look at a word long enough that it becomes alien?

I arrive at a familiar intersection somewhere late in the golden hour. It's the peak of dusk, just before the day clatters down the track to night. In this shadowless moment, any corner could be north. Things look strange.
This town has changed over time. I realize that usually, I see this corner as a mosiac of all the times I've seen it. Back to when there was more sand and tumbleweed than anything else.

For the rest of the drive I look with that 'new' view. Interesting, for sure.

We see people that way too. As mosiacs. As collections of experiences.
Humans don't function well without context. Still, moments without it allow vision and presence.

It's a good exercise to stop and look at something familiar as though seeing it for the first time. ith effort, humans are capable of doing just that. Filmmakers and other creatives must have this vision.

If we take another look at things, I wonder what we'll see?

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ravyn said...


Geeze i can be working on a logo, or a cover, and suddenly a nomral, conventional word like AUGUST looks wrong.

i think i need to remember to take the time to take another look...