Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 209

If the world is reeling and everyone is against you and not a thing is going your way, you're probably hungry, or your shoes pinch, or you're worried about a bill,or something like that.

Sometimes things are astonishingly simple.

Tonight was for taking Aubrey and Orion out for Harry Potter's last adventure.

Now for sleep, kittens allowing. They are full-blown crazy tonight.

It seems to be going around. Must be the moon.

Yet another astonishingly simple thing.

Oh, silly humans all.



J.W.B. said...

Just got back from seeing Potter...sadness...

But at least I can still enjoy the series over and over. I'll never get tired of it. But it's also time to move on to a new one. James Bond right now, then Lord of the Rings. But no matter what I am reading I will always be reading a Potter book on the side. Will be until the end.

Kelly said...


Sometimes things are so simple that I weave them into complexity.

I hope all is well.