Sunday, July 03, 2011

Day 197

It's morning. No alarm clock. Summer has its good points. The light is strange. I look outside to see the mountains have vanished and the sky is a solid pale grey. All of it. It fills me with contentment. I don't know why. It's extremely humid, which is, well, weird for the desert.

Ah. I get it. It feels like home. The other home. This is coastal weather. South Carolina-ish.

But not quite.

It's supposed to be 113 today and humid. A sauna then. In here, it's cool and dark.

Last night we're finally into The Two Towers. We've followed our heroes a long way now, and have longer to go. We press on. Just when I think Orion is asleep, he asks a question. He's really into this adventure. He always knows just where we left our heros. And now, the Company has broken. I looked up during the reading to see six pairs of little eyes lined up at the foot of the bed, watching attentively.

Today I must finish a wedding cake sculpture. It's for Natasha, whose wedding dress I painted. Here's the sculpted pair. Will post pictures later tonight. Until then, I'll enjoy this strange light, and being with Orion in it.

Hope your day is especially good.

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