Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 207

Here are two kittens, in a blur of motion, as usual.

And Orion, learning to balance his punch, with Sensei John.

Soosi, nursing Beverly, who begins to look just like her.

A new Poppet, "Cat and Mice."

Mystro, his magnificent whiskers, and all his white parts dirty because he got into the fireplace.

Clever, naughty boy.

And proceeded to make enough dirty prints on the white tiles for at least a dozen cats.

And these poppet 'friends.'

I'm working on books, between Poppet Planet, Mom stuff, kitten stuff and...

I are tired.

Aubrey was here until 9:30, took great photos and kept STNG running all day. Netflix, you bastards. We are addicted.


1 comment:

spacedlaw said...

I can see those kittens inspiring the cat and mouse poppet!