Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 199

Twisting wire to make wings.

Learning to roll better. With punches, I mean. Last minute changes could've thrown me off today but didn't. Had a great night swim. Played with kittens. Now I'm twisting and bending wire to make wings for a creature who wants them.

Orion is visiting away tonight. I feel his absence and the house is extra quiet. But the fan is going and I have loads of SNL--am I a total grandma if Ithink Helen Mirren is amazingly sexy?---anyway. making wings and making notes.

Aubrey will be here tomorrow, with camera. The kitties are little fuzzy springs. I'm an artist and a woman about to forage for chocolate, apparently.



Diandra said...

... all the things that can be made into wings...

spacedlaw said...

Making wings is the best activity.

annnoe said...

I frequently tell my children (17 & 14) that I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up--I'm a mere 40-something now. The kids nod sagely and seem to understand.

Wings, of a sort.

ravyn said...

i thought she was fantastic in R.E.D., but it might have been the weaponry, heh.