Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 217

Tonight, monster movies on television, kitties curled up with me on the sofa, feet on the ottoman, drink in my hand. Yesterday was preparing Poppets for travel all day. All day.

Bad news on the internet. Bombing in Norway, continued fighting in the desert. Humans behaving badly.

There may be other causes for this behavior but mostly, I blame religion.

Sam Harris:

"We can no longer ignore the fact that billions of our neighbors believe in the metaphysics of martyrdom, or in the literal truth of the book of Revelation, or any of the other fantastical notions that have lurked in the minds of the faithful for millennia--because our neighbors are now armed with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons...words like 'God' and 'Allah' must go the way of 'Apollo' and 'Baal,' or they will unmake our world."

I was sure George W. Bush was going to end the world. I think he may have come closer than we know. When I feel most powerless, I remind myself that the best I can do is my bit. To work well and sincerely, be kind to others, teach my children to think for themselves and to stop giving power to religion by 'respecting' it. Why should I respect religion? I respect certain individuals. I've met one or two people in my life who were devout, reasonable persons. But on the whole, I'm sick of being polite. Who respects my request to be free of religion? I want it out of the White House and off American currency.

That said. I will swim, think, gather up calm and energy for a day in the studio. Maybe I'll work out some of this frustration in the work.

I hope you have a great Sunday.


Syd said...

I am coming to believe that tolerating any religion just sets the stage for some fundamentalist/fanatical offshoot (or individual) to literally get away with murder...because the "more reasonable" bends and branches of it will point and say, "Oh, but WE'RE not like that!"

The problem is, it doesn't seem like it takes much to tip them that way.

I worry about the silly humans...

crydwynn said...

Wise words. I wish we could be free from religion Yes, get it off the money. Get it out of the pledge. It has no place in either.

DavidK said...

Can't fault a single bit of this post...