Saturday, July 02, 2011

Day 196

The greenhouse with the roof ripped away--still. This happened a month ago. It's on the list. This can be the 'before' picture.

The pool drained low for repairs. The skimmer was leaking. The motor growled like a bear then died.

It's still about 5 feet at the deep end. I can stand on the drain. Orion and I 'swam' anyway.

The birdhouses are neglected. The lizards are mostly the same as always.

It's too hot to think about working outside. Still, it was nice outside tonight, in the way only nights in the hot desert air can be. I've been buried in the studio.

Today I stopped at 4 and closed the door. If I do this more often, I might start to pick the place up a bit.

And inside, there are kittens. Only six now. One has been adopted.

It's after midnight. I should sleep, but I want some down time first.

So a bit of television and tomorrow is another day.

Nothing profound today. I'm okay with that.

I'm headed east, to the refrigerator, then north, to the sofa.


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