Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 91

I tend to appreciate beauty most when it's found in unlikely places. Children will play amid rubble, given the chance. A smile breaking free in a dirty face is radiant as the sun. I love that children are natural makers. They will create from what can be found, when they have nothing. It's heartbreakingly beautiful, this. I aspire to be such a maker. I work like mad to search out and tap into the childlike vision hidden in the deepest secret pockets in my brain. Like time travel, like escape velocity, this requires an awful lot of effort.
The most difficult work of artists, I believe, is accomplished unseen, in silence and alone.
I find that the more my vision expands, the less I tend to travel.

But that may change. The world still fascinates me, and I'd like to see more of it. I'm not sure I want to become a mad artist recluse. Not just yet.
Aubrey took these photos, I added the sepia effects to a few. I like the timeless feel.
These poppets are Angel, Ghost and Monkey.

I've completed some wedding pieces. Here is a cake topper that will become a keepsake box.

It's for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. I look forward to photos from the event.

This is an anniversary piece for a couple who love science fiction and fantasy. There was a whole list of things they like, from robots to Gandalf. So I mixed it all up in a soup and distilled the spirit of it into this steam punk piece, including their three cats. I'm told they were very happy.

And this is a panel from the wedding dress I've been painting on. We'll get pictures of the entire dress next week. This couple is basing their theme on the movie Up, loosely, but mostly on a playful sort of joy. I'm looking forward to those wedding photos as well.
That brings you up to date on the last couple of weeks' work.

Now, off to make more art. Hope your day is good.


Kelly said...

The top poppet reminds me of a fallen angel. Something like most of us humans. I love it. I'm going to the shop to look, right now, even though I am low on funds. It is okay to dream. :)

lisa said...

Kelly-- Angel isn't listed yet, but she will be soon, with others. I'll post something about it. Thank you!

ravyn said...

Those look lovely. Work has been hellish for the past two days, surprise deadline turned into last-minute-site-redesign, which is definitely NOT the way to do it. Tired ravyn is tired.

Anonymous said...

Wow - love Angel, Ghost and Monkey. Need to save my pennies and at least get me an Angel... The other pieces are also beautiful, and the wedding dress looks like it will be amazing - looking forward to photos. Over here, Autumn has started, the leaves are turning all sorts of amazing colours and I'm missing most of it because work is frantic.