Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 84

From Saturday. I love Soosi sauntering by--it puts everything into balance somehow. This morning I have a ton of work to do. Thanks for all your comments yesterday, to your apparently lonely and pathetic artist. silly human.
Off to it then.


Poe said...

How come we don't appreciate our childhood and youth until it's gone?
Great picture, happy feelings.
You've inspired me to try and make something out of paper mache today. Maybe a masterpiece or maybe just glue my fingers together and sit on the floor and cry till hubby comes home.
It's all good. :-p

Anonymous said...



Seems more like "human" to me.

The photo is wonderful - just looking at it brings back memories of the excitement of birthdays.

Stacey said...

So sorry I don't often have anything to say. Part of it is feeling as though any comment I could possibly make would come out trite and cliche. The other part is my instinct to ostrich when the tough emotions come out. I know it's a protective mechanism, I even know why I do it. It's easy to tell myself that it doesn't matter, and better to say nothing than the wrong thing, or worse yet in my mind, to say something stupid and humiliate myself.

I forget that other people are lonely, or insecure, or sad, or apprehensive too, and it's the act of reaching out that is important, not the skill of wordsmithing.

I just want to say today though, that I always read, and wish you the best, and think good thoughts in your direction at various times in my day or week.

Also, happy birthday to Orion, it looks like a good time was had.

J.W.B. said...

Invader Zim cake.

Orion has very good taste in cartoons.

I will forever wish I could have Gir as a real pet.

spacedlaw said...

She's not trying to get at the cake? How civilized. My own furries would come and check it out.

Rubius said...

Zim cake for the win!!!!!

Lotsa love and belated happy birthday wishes.

LesleyD said...

OMG!! My daughter would have a fit for that cake!! She LOVES Invader Zim and has several Gir Shirts, a blanket and even gets excited about cows like Gir too. It's like I'm living that show sometimes.

I hope your little one had a wonderful birthday!! They do grow up way too fast. I can see my daughter change a little every day.