Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 88

I like Aubrey's photos. I'd like to put this image on a T shirt. I plan to make one for myself.
What do you think? On black? White? I'm wanting a black baseball shirt with colored sleeves.

I have designs.
I need someone who wants to sew...know someone? Convo us on Etsy?


Today Aubrey took photos of Bunny Poppets. I can't say I'm a fan of Easter, though I have childhood memories of egg hunts on hilly church grounds. They were made less fun by starchy white clothes and threat of death for grass stains. The hilly grounds were carpeted in freshly own grass. We hunted gingerly, without joyful abandon, overseen by stern mothers made more stern by hats with netting. If grass stains were such a big deal, and they knew we'd hunt eggs and eat jiggly jello, barbecued chicken and potato salad after services, why in God's name did they dress us in white?
A few chose joyful abandon over threat of death. I wasn't one of them, but they were my heroes.

The Baptists I knew were sadistic, man.

But dying eggs is fun, and I loved dissolving those little tablets in vinegar. It was both chemistry and art!

I do associate spring with rabbits. There are bunnies all over our neighborhood. You can't walk a block without seeing at least one.

And I wouldn't deny any kid a chocolate bunny. BTW, I love this shirt design:

So that's it. We takes our holidays and we works them out. Then we have chocolate and bunnies and hunt eggs in jeans and tees, with joyful abandon and without guilt, or potato salad.
Today was about bunnies.


Drinne said...

Hmn - Actually Bunny Poppets - Now I have a Poppetropolis thought experiment.

The Embarrassed Ambassador's attache Alastair happens to be a rabbit widower with three children, (fuzzy rabbits) and there are rabbits from Japan that run the Sushi Place and teach and attend the Poppetropolis public school (silk kimono fabric).

So in the "bunny" area of Poppetroplis (The Little Burrow) are Bunny Poppets cosmic merges because both bunnies and poppets are cool? Is it a Poppet fashion like Harijuku girls? I'm sure no one will be offended by anyone else but I do wonder about the cultural dynamics.

ravyn said...

Drinne - did you ever see the Poppet-sized kimono i made? i'll have to dig up photos.

Lisa - i love the idea of those bunnies on a t-shirt. Or fridge magnet. Or more. But with the caption: WE ARE LEGION

muah hah hah hah hah!

Anonymous said...

If you're dyeing easter eggs this year, here's a fun project:

Once you're done, pour all the dye into one big bowl. The dye will probably turn black. Stick the end of a paper towel in it and leave the rest sticking out and propped up for a couple hours or a day. Crazy things happen.

Calogero said...


Drinne said...

Ok we may have the solution from Alex - when looking at the scenario he pointed out that he's pretty sure poppets come from where they want to so a bunny might have been thinking about being a poppet and then a poppet bunny came into existence "pop". Which of course needs more poppet(bunnies) so then there were more.

I wish you could have heard the way he said "pop!" it was a terribly poppety noise. It completely solves the whole thing - we'll need three because they apparently run the Assistance Shop. They are Assistance.

ravyn said...

Drinne - this is where Poppets come from - maybe ;-)

Drinne said...

Ravyn - that's awesome!!! I had never seen that - however it doesn't disprove Alex's theory - it just means that an easter egg was dreaming about being a Poppet : )


because it just needed to be . . .

Which is a kind of amazing thing to spend time imagining. So thanks to both you and Alex for giving me the opportunity to while I'm in the middle of midterms