Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 82

Oh where, oh where is 81? It was yesterday.

Today Orion turned nine. We've spent the sort of day he asked for, with swimming, cake, pizza, Rango and games.

After dinner, we may camp on cushions for a round of pure silliness, including singing about things like greasy gopher guts.
I imagine that poppets enjoy this sort of silliness best.

I could be wrong. Poppets can be difficult to read. They volunteer information only in the smallest bits. These sometimes float free, only half-understood until they're connected to other bits.
It's Orion's birthday. Above all, he did/is/will spend quite a lot of it laughing.

Silliness is a ringing bell today. We shout over it occasionally. Only when it's necessary, like when dinner is ready.

I'm glad we saw Rango. I think it's good stuff. I read the reviews and prepped the kids for a couple of PG things. They're there, but none seemed inappropriate to my group and I'm pretty darned parental. The smoking was in the background in a saloon, the swear words are 'inappropriate' for kids in this house. A markedly higher number of usage and spelling errors were found in negative comments. I tend to agree with people who make an effort, so this factor is helpful.
And, it's good to count things sometimes.

I may have missed the answer to my question and I'd be happier if it's a guess. Is the modern city a metaphor or is Dirt? Or both, or neither?

I'm off to put eyeglasses on things in the most ridiculous way possible.

Happy Birthday Orion!


Of to play some silly games.

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Janet said...

Happy Birthday Orion :) I'm longing to see Rango...Depp's a favorite of mine.