Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 90

What Saturday? It's mostly a blur, except for that one really, really good part. This morning I pulled weeds. The air was cool. Good time to think. Or not. I heard a noise and turned around in time to see six road runners tear by, just running down the road like it's their idea of having fun. Tonight has been for revisiting 2001: A Space Odyssey, having Chinese food and the lights out. Intermission has ended. Creepy good music. Today is good. g'night


Artships said...

Your accomplishment today was, No art, but gardening?

Funny, how "mindlessly repetitive" yard-work can be so therapeutic. Catharsis, without the blood and body-count. And, you can look outside and see that you were responsible for just a little bit more order in the world.

You knew what you needed today and you did it. Well done, you!

Valya Dudycz Lupescu said...

Lisa, I usually come to your blog like a thirsty woman.

I miss a week, then rush over when I realize that 7 or 9 or 13 days have passed by, and so I drink deeply from the well.

By the time I catch up, I feel it's too late to comment, too much time has passed to put words down to accompany the little sounds I make to myself while reading: clucks or sighs or purrs or gulps.

So I'm usually quiet. Except right now I wanted to tell you that I'm here, and I always find something to savor.

Thank you for you honesty. And for Poppets (who are also honest I think, even when they're cheeky.)