Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Up earlier than early. Bit of time zone hangover. Outside with coffee by 6:40am to find the light diffused by a complete cloud cover. The hummingbirds are already at it, a dove sitting on the fence. I visit the praying mantis guardians on the tomato plants. I've learned to spot them. It's not easy. They are very clever , despite the whole head-eating issue. To each in turn I say what I tend to say to all such creatures, "Hello, beautiful." The air is only slightly warm. I sit, put my feet in the pool. No real clue to the hellish 120's to come in short hours. The rest of the humans are sleeping.
But Soosi is well into her morning routine. My bathroom floor is a sea of shredded toilet paper. Again. Thought taking it off the roll would fix that. But no. Inside, she's a blur of skittering, caroming, leaping, twisting, scratching,tearing through the house, bumping into walls, fighting for purchase on the wood floors in hot pursuit of a panicked twist tie. She and the ceiling fan are the only sounds I'm aware of. The hum of electronics is tucked away, only to make itself known in its absence, like the oboe in symphony. A blackout isn't inconceivable today.
Now it's time to wake the house, start the day and my own pursuit of the October I so long for. Not the one that marches inevitably toward me on the calendar, but the October that lives in my heart. In the blinding-white day ahead, it is elusive as the mantis and as silent. But still I hope to find her.

Wishing you a good day

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