Monday, September 20, 2010


One of the pieces for MadCon. I opted to put this one on big 'feet' instead of hanging. It's more like a cross between a wunderkammer and an ant farm.
Has a real dragonfly, beetles, black widows, rat skull and lizard skeleton, with other things mechanical and not, all painted, sculpted and oddly put together. Oh, and a bee.
"One Half-Remembered August" is the title. But, I remember more.

Orion dodges the camera.

I used to post lots of photos of Orion. He has grown from a kidling who used to mug for the camera to this elusive game caught on camera only by stealth. Waited until he was engrossed in "Holes."

Not so much posting. Too much of doing. The next few weeks will be very full. Mostly I want the hot air to go away. At least mornings and nights are better.
I hope I need a sweater in Madison.

But I did think of you. Hope however your Monday was, your Tuesday is better.


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Kelly said...

I hope you need a sweater, too. Our hot air is slowly leaking out of this place, like air from a balloon, but not quickly enough. And now? its raining.