Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mass and Carnival, Carnival and Mass and 9-11

I'm in the studio, working on the last 2 pieces for MadCon and listening to Leonard Bernstein's Mass, which still holds it's balance of heartbreak and humor. It's 9 - 11 and I'm going to remember this as I always have, appreciating that life is precious and that human beings have a long way to go. I'll spend it with gratitude. I'll renew my promise be the best artist I can be, to be the best human creature I can be.

'Mass' was highly inspirational as I created the 'Midway' sculpture in the image. For me, the music and the events of 911 are tightly wound around this work. And now the memories of months of working on it with Ben and the lessons learned in the years since.

I'll be happy, because enjoying today is the best way I can honor it.


elsie said...

Squee! Coming to my neighborhood - I can't wait!!

J.W.B. said...

I will most definitely be making the trip to see the Dark Caravan while it's there! Good luck at Madcon! I'll message you when I finish the animation I am working on so we can get some brainstorming going for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

So we've got 11 months to get to Baltimore. We can do that.


ravyn said...

Yes! It's nearly here! The Baltimore Science Fiction Society is going to try and organize a group trip to see the exhibit, that should be fun.

Rob - don't you guys come up to Bmore without saying hey!