Saturday, September 04, 2010

for shame, Washington Post....again

Your poll questions are laughably biased. What's wrong with 1) yes 2) no or 3) unsure?

Or possibly: 1)Yes, I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.
and: 2)No, I believe the risks outweigh the benefits.
and 3)unsure. More research is needed.

You're the Washington Post. If I thought one newspaper in this country didn't have an agenda---just one---I'd sleep a little better at night.

I'm ashamed to be an American.

Posted by: harlikn7 | September 3, 2010 7:09 PM | Report abuse

That's my comment. The article is bad enough, but the poll question (below) really ticks me off. I'm sick to death of meaningless, slanted, bullshit 'polls.' How stupid do 'they' think 'we' are?

If you had a medical condition that medical marijuana might make better and your state allowed it, would you seek a prescription?

For shame, Washington Post, for shame.


Stacey said...

The comments on that WP post are excellent.

Janice said...

I gave up on the newspapers in the UK a long time ago. Now I never buy one or read one they are all awful and I don't start the day feeling angry.

lisa said...

Stacey: I agree. The comments seem more thought out then the article.

Janice: good advice. for sure.

crydwynn said...

The comments are far more intelligent and well-researched than the article. I'm not even sure of the point of the article. Could have just been a one-liner letting us know that DC is now joining the 14 states that allow it. We didn't need the huge slant and opinion of the writer. I get so tired of watching the news or trying to find news online that is completely unslanted and without personal opinions. I'm usually pretty happy listening to NPR but I can't entirely escape opinion there either.

tera said...

Yes, "they" do think "we" are stupid. I hate the news media. They are so biased and closed minded, I often look at the comments first before finishing the articles!

Syd said...

I've thought for years that we ought to just legalize pot and reap some tax benefits from it. If cigarettes and alcohol are legal, pot should be, too. (This from someone who not only has never even tried it, but who coughs when folks in the neighborhood smoke it.)

Let's face it--the time and money and manpower we waste on the "war on drugs" could be used for far more important things.