Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn Poppets

Surprisingly enough, the clouds stayed with us all day and temps stayed just under 100 degrees.
It's a bit surreal. Could be the light, could be a bit of jet lag. I did love the cooler breezes and changing leaves of Wisconsin.

Today I mostly painted Poppets. The plan is to get up early, before Poppet Planet time, to work on a painting that's haunting me. It wants to be done. I have heard.
I want to paint, to write, to sleep. There is never enough time. But I'll try. It's a worthy juggling act. But since I've declared multitasking to be the death of creativity (for myself, at least) I must find another way. Will keep you posted.


Melissa P said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy a cooler day on your reentry to "Reality" (whatever that means exactly). I love the Autumn Princess Poppet, by the way.

You really are onto something with the idea that multitasking is Death to Creativity. I'm wishing luck in your search for ways to juggle all the creative aspects of your life.

Diandra said...

These poppets are adorable. WTF Poppet is looking at me like, "I want a family!", but unfortunately there are vet bills... *sigh* - well, the kitty was worth it. I love still having her around.

Autumn is a great time for artist, or that's what I think... the changes spark creativity. And there is never enough time...