Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Persistence Engine

We met the Most Inventive Doctor Black

Who claimed it was electricity he lacked.

What power the Company did supply

He discovered was an evil trap and lie.

Afterward, every experiment he did

Sought a method to escape the Grid.

Sun or wind or thundercloud

He calls for Makers plainly, loud

To seek resources, create a plan

To free all Poppets from the Man.

ok. so I'm not a poet. But our Doctor Black is so much bigger inside than out, I had to try.

It's Sunday. I look out at the sun sparkling off the water, the mountains, the palm trees. I think of Bugs Bunny, digging, digging, trying so hard, by hook or by crook, to get to Palm Springs. And all I want to be is somewhere else.

The Poppet Who Lives On My Desk is looking at me. I am one very silly human.


Drinne said...

TMC - again - I've been thinking of Bugs all morning, of course he's one of my primary role models . . . . however at the moment I'm channeling his sidekick/nemesis - "mine, mine, mine all mine, I'm rich, I'm a happy miser . . . ." -I've got a Dr. Black coming.

As a Brooklynite I can promise you that he thought he wanted to get to Palm Springs but it was mostly to prove that he would finally remember to take that left turn at Albuquerque. It was a personal challenge. He's a city dweller - every time he tries to go off to the country or wide open spaces it means war.

The WV is Bulti

Stacey said...

I've been playing with "kites" all week, it has been windy here. Today I put cranes on wires and made crane kites for poppet and for Coraline. Happy to see Dr. Black, I'll be even happier when it arrives.

The Engine is supercool. Poppets are going places! The crocus are starting to bloom here, I've been out taking pictures, and we are starting to see honeybees active and gathering. Spring is on its way, and for that we are thankful, since we've had way too much SNOW for the PNW where everything comes to a standstill when we get the white stuff.

DavidK said...

From one mad scientist to another - if the good Doctor is looking for an alternative energy source, I'd recommend solar, given his Palm Springs location. He can get mini solar panels that are only an inch or two in size (square, circular or as a strip) but can power a lot of LEDs and the like, especially if he ties them into a battery for storage.

WV: surechi - a plant native to the Andes with broad, sword-shaped leaves, that adds a mellow taste to stews, but turns the broth a rich purple.

Syd said...

Dr. Black is on the way west as well! I am in a state of wonderment, though: it took Poppets to introduce me to the concept of Steampunk in a way I could get my head around.

Poppets are educational. (And addictive--my bidding plot has so far borne fruit!)

And I LOVE the idea of the Persistence Engine. The budget may not stretch to include the current offering, but since persistence is so useful, and takes so many forms, I will hope it appears again in other guise.

Oh, yord. Guise and Dolls. ***shudders***

WV: chingene

Kirk Douglas is an excellent example of the formations made visible on those blest by a surfeit of chingene, while Jimmy Durante is most representative of high levels of nosegene...