Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catching up and rattus norvegicus, apparently

I'm taking this week to catch up on things I owe people. We missed some orders, yikes, for various reasons that can all be reduced to one---being human beings, trying to live with other human beings.
So there's that.
And to finish up some other pieces---a bell jar for David, a mirror box for Robert...

Exciting progress on the commission for Neil. Would I ever love to spend a day on this piece. I'll make one, sooner than later. In the meantime, it's the juggling act---working on this piece while a layer dries on another.

There are a few Drunken Poppets with Pints left---2 more days, I think---and I listed some more Dreaming Spring, for those who emailed after the last ones disappeared. And I'll be putting up more Alice in Wonderland pieces soon.

I want to take a minute to praise Alison and Sam. They work tirelessly to keep things running at Poppet Planet. They're both wonderfully creative and have been mostly very patient with me these last few months. I appreciate them both.

We do have some fun stuff coming up---a solar powered steampunk poppet craft, a Mary Poppins inspired paper doll, a set of (oh yes) Watchmen Poppets ( we have indeed read it) More steam punk and toys.

Today I got an amazing late birthday present from Mimi Ko. It made me cry. And laugh.

And finally, today, Aubrey and I were in the kitchen, discussing our current rodent 'situation.' Jokingly, she said "I'll take care of this right now," and opened the cupboard door.

And, there he was, looking right at us.

It was no great surprise. We've known for over a week that he exists.

So we both screamed like little girls and bolted.

Once we stopped laughing like idiots, we decided that now we know TWO things about him. He loves apples and cheese and he is very, very, very fast.

ok. Three. He's light gray and well, we think he's cute.


Have a good night. I'll be back tomorrow.


jordan's mom said...

I am LOVING the mental image of you and Aubrey and the Furry Menace. It's always a shame when they are cute, isn't it? What's Gurtie's take on all this?

Syd said...

To quote (or at least paraphrase) Bette Midler's character from "Down and Out in Beverly Hills":

"Rats! Great big Norwegian RATS!"

Hope you figure out an appropriate solution...but in the meantime, it's nice that at least it's a cute rat...

Jess said...

Hello Lisa -

Got my Happy Poppet Day Poppet in the mail today and wanted to say thank you. Poppet has made a deskpal and they say hello.

Poppet and Hippo

Good luck with Nicodemus in the cupboard. :)

Heather FaerieStar said...

i have two really cute, brown ROUS' in my backyard that think my bird feeders are their own personal diners. :( i want them to go away, but they arent getting the msg. I fear for my doggies. But they are really cute, diseases, and sharp teeth aside.