Thursday, March 26, 2009


Most of the day since morning was spent preparing for our sale this weekend. I'll admit we got a little distracted, looking at Poppets and other work we haven't seen for awhile, rediscovering little details we'd nearly forgotten. It will be very good to find new homes for them, and to get them out of 'the cave' so we can reclaim the space and start working in it again. It's a good exercise, motivational and cathartic.

The evening toward dusk got very windy indeed. Aubrey and I went walking. The rabbits (we usually see a dozen or more) were all hiding. Everything was moving---the fruit on the trees swinging like lanterns and the clouds crossing fast against the blue/grey of evening. We didn't take a camera. Only ourselves. So I thought I'd post this latest Poppet, called "Wind." Our walk felt a lot like this.

Funny,-- I'm not even sure how it happened---it certainly wasn't planned---but all the steampunk Poppets in this series have ended up with single word names from the natural world: River, Helium, Rain, Storm. Odd, isn't it? How when we don't pay attention things tend to become what they want to?


Stacey said...

Squealing!!! I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the sale. Plus I'm pretty excited I got to use the word "tenterhooks." ;-)

Love, love, LOVE wind poppet, although wind is probably my least favorite weather condition, probably due to the fact that we have over a dozen very large fir and pine trees surrounding our house, and when the wind blows, the sway is very impressive and just a little scary.

wv is psyncess: Getting poppets in the mail makes me feel like a pretty pretty psyncess. HA!

lisa said...

Stacey: You quack me up.

We love wind here, palm trees are just glorified grass---though we did lose some street signs last week and wind storms royally blow...
WV: ouniast: expert navigator of the oun

mv said...

Today is a windy day in Madrid too... Maybe it´s the Wind Poppet´s wind.


lisa said...

mv: you never know---Poppet works in mysterious ways

WV: torma