Monday, March 02, 2009

A Bit of Forward Momentum

Here is Persistence Engine (scroll to yesterday's post) in motion. You can see the key turning and hear the great noise on the hardwood.

We have some new work to go up this week. Also I'll be putting some art and Poppets up on a separate page as an alternative to the eBay store. Ebay will no longer allow me to accept checks or money orders from customers and though I enjoy using PayPal, I don't want to force everyone else to. And we want you to be able to take advantage of layaway. When it's up I'll post a link to it here.

Also, check out the sidebar---we're asking readers of the blog (collectors, friends, all of you) to put a link up about Poppets on your own blog or website. As thanks, you can get the Have a Poppet Day Poppet as a thank you. This Poppet seems to have a very high cute/creepy factor. We love it!

You've probably noticed that I've resumed work on the Wonderland Poppets. Thought you might enjoy this Lewis Carroll Society blog. I'll be making new versions of the ones that find homes today, and will likely be taking commissions for people who want to complete their collections later in the season.

Check out the forums---Drinne continues working on Poppetropolis and Ed O'Mamute is interested in starting story threads with WV from comments. Both are fun.

Stay warm and safe out there in the real world.


Sarah said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog mentioning your blog! Yay poppets!

Dunabit said...

and here:
and tomorrow I'll hit Facebook

good luck! Me <3 poppets

kuroshii said...
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kuroshii said...

a friend of mine who also sells on ebay explained to me that sellers CAN actually still take checks and money orders, they just can't TELL people anywhere on the item's listing that they take anything but paypal. but if someone asks you "will you take a check," you are allowed to say yes if you wish.

unless they've gone back in the last three months and closed that loophole. which would suck. :(

(p.s. that previous comment was mine, deleted 'cuz blogger won't let me edit)

Stacey said...

Lisa, the birds are wonderful. I love how this is a recurring motif in your work, and one of the things that drew me to your art in the first place. Is there a conscious reason for this?

Birds silhouetted against the sky is one of the most interesting things I can see. For many years, I needed glasses but didn't know it, and those silhouettes were sometimes the only wildlife I could see. Your little birds remind me of how I felt when I spotted something alive in the sky.

Ed, o Mamute. said...

Great Koch!

Such a great start for this week (and for the month). Persistance and Resistance are now good themes for this month.

And Skypower too, as Satcey wonderfully pointed out. I love this kind of vista too, specially when there are levels of those guys flying, the smaller one closer to the ground, and the big guys high, high up in the sky.

Wv: Fanctibe

I definitely have a fanctibe for Poppets!

Anonymous said...

Sarah: You're extremely welcome!

Dunabit: thanks! be sure to contact Alison:

kuroshii: interesting. Ebay (and Paypal) have lots of good points, but I think a shopping cart of our own will be appreciated too. And thanks for the info!

Stacey: me too. Note the cover for "Strange Birds" (sidebar). I've always loved birds on wires, in trees and flying about. Very soon now I'll be offering some Poppet-sized individual birds. If only there were more hours for studio work.

Ed: Persistence, resistance and sky power. I need to get that solar powered balloon finished! sheesh!
WV: unahsab

Anonymous said...

arrrgh---for the moment---Spence = Lisa
Stoopid blogger (human)

word is (no kidding)

Stacey said...

I loved "Strange Birds," Gene Wolfe wrote two phenomenal stories, and I adore your art that inspired him.

A former client of mine feeds crows at her home, three or four generations now. They are very intelligent, and their problem solving skills are surprisingly complex.

Occasionally one of the crows will come into the house and have a look around. Very complex lives.

* I don't know where I was going with that, just thought it was interesting. LOL!

kuroshii said...

oh, i wasn't suggesting not to.

more buying options = more poppets out in the world = ONE STEP CLOSER TO POPPET WORLD DOMINATION!!!