Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mostly about furry things, real and imagined, and birthdays

I emailed Officer Tedd Nickerson via Pet Harbor, who replied that our little friend is doing better today.

I haven't decided exactly what to do about the rodent in the cupboard. Last night I left a row of sweet peas, which were gone this morning. I know this must be resolved, i.e. rodent trapped and taken away, but I'd hoped to get some photos. In my head I'm imagining these surprised flash photos of a rat caught via motion sensor. Very likely I'll get nothing, or a ruined camera. Very likely I should not act on everything I imagine. And very likely the strange little exchange with this thing only works because I've never seen it in person. I guess it's an exchange---I leave bits of food which disappears...
I'm fairly certain the rodent (I'm beginning to believe it's a rat, not a mouse) in question is nothing at all like Zorcon, for whom I feel a great deal of affection.

I childishly enjoy imagining it's not a rodent at all, but something far more disturbing.

All of this is moot, because quite a number of Poppets need to get out to their new humans. My hands have paint on them. I must take off my apron, wash up, get some coffee and help with packing. I have things to do that don't involve imaginings about unseen creatures.

Spencer's birthday is today. We're not officially celebrating today, but I did get him a truly audacious raspberry cheesecake for later. Possibly I'll figure out how to tell him how much better our strange bit of reality is because he's in it. Or I could just kick him in the shin. I'd wished him a land sailing day, but the wind was extra fickle. Orion's birthday is next week. We'll have a celebration weekend then.

Everyone here misses the ocean. Sheesh. Even the pool would be better than nothing. Need water!

Back to work I go.


spacedlaw said...

Oooh raspberry cheesecake. That ought to make anyone's day brighter.
What was so audacious about it?

Drinne said...

I love mice, I actually adore mice, I am a sucker for rodentia like some people love kittens and lolcats. It drove my mother insane because her relationship with mice and mouselike things was best compared to the pair of legs that occasionally showed up in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. It most likely didn't help that I kept smuggling in pet mice, gerbils, whatever.

That said - when they started invading my house as an adult with small children, I found I felt very differently about the uninvited mice using the place as a condo when they kept pooping in my laundry room. I think a full colony of fiedmice decided to become city dwelling in that house. I couldn't do anything about it and it remained a problem until I got a ferret. Then all ten gazillion left as suddenly as they arrived.

Also a recent mouse invasion in my current house led to the use of humane traps and release programs by the creek. But they apparently had some sort of mouse superhero that could chew through the traps until we found a really thick version. I had Joe take care of moving them but when we caught them, Joe was really surprised to see how ridiculously cute and teardrop shaped they were, when he let them out by our creek. It was for the best - we are currently without pets and need to keep it that way for a while.

The mouse that I raise from a baby is a member of my family, the one that chews through the walls is an invader. Cute ,but an invader, and if I'm not expecting the invader to stare me down in my kitchen, I scream, just like my Mom.

Buy a thick plastic box trap "Chopper" almost got out of the thicker trap too. Peanut butter works best.

WV is vablyt. Sounds like something my Russian grandmother would say and then tell me to stop asking questions when I asked her what it meant.

ravyn said...

Mmmmm raspberry cheesecake!

Happy Birthday Spencer! From one "March Hare" to another :-)

Stacey said...

LOL! Reminds me of my own adventures with mice when we first moved into this house. We finally ended up getting a no-kill trap made of sheet metal, at the feed store. We trapped the little mousies, (lured them with peanut butter,) and let them go down by the creek at the end of the block.

They sure were cute, but I was so glad to not have them in my house. Good luck! Enjoy your cheesecake, and Happy B-Day Spencer!

Carl V. said...

Happiest of birthdays to Spencer! And raspberry cheesecake? That is one lucky birthday boy!