Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little Red Poppet's Windy Day

It's been very windy these last days, with clouds moving quickly across the sky in purposeful looking groups. I however, have been very still, and not moving much at all at times, watching them with seemingly no purpose at all.
I know a funk when I'm in one. So the best I can do is not fight it too hard. I've recommended countering these sorts of times by the same measures one uses to treat the flu, which work better without deadlines and bills and offspring.
Tried and true are several measures---in which Poppets play and I make toys and toy-like things.
In which I become quiet and I replant things that were neglected all winter. In which I take walks, fast ones, as the sun is setting.
I snagged a grapefruit from a tree in the neighborhood. Sometimes we all need a bit of strange fruit.
It's just smaller than a soccer ball, and looks sort of like a brain but more like a butt, but I won't complain. It might be full of wonder inside.
That's mostly it, except for mundane things and going to the park for a bit with Aubrey and Orion.
There are worlds in my head, true, but the doors are shut today. I shut them, likely, because I'm not fit to go in on days like this.
That's okay too. I'll go to sleep without any specific expectations for tomorrow. It's better to wait and see what happens. If I feel tomorrow as I do today, I'll take a different route, steal a grapefruit from another's tree.
Eventually, the doors will click open gradually, revealing subtle shifts in light. Or they'll fly open suddenly, blown by gusts of new energy.
Either way, the happiness of pursuit generally returns.
You know it, as I do. Just as we think we'll never feel better again, we do. Years of experience and miles of watching tell me this is true, for me as well as you.
g'night to you


Anonymous said...

Now is the time I think I should buy a lottery ticket--THE lottery ticket, of course, a big fat lovely payout of a lottery ticket--because the idea of having the whole of the Wonderland Poppets collection makes me positively giddy.

And when reality rears its ugly head, I'll punch it in the nose, just on general principle.

And Windy Day Poppet is charming, and if my theoretical lottery win is large enough... :)

Oh, as to the being in a funk? It sounds like you're doing all the right things. Here's hoping the doors can open again soon, and much loveliness and wonderment will be found inside!

Drinne said...

There is something very compelling about the White Rabbit. Perhaps because I am thinking of building a hallway of pocket watches with pieces of time caught inside.

This is kind of funny since I am frequently identified as "The Red Queen", now by my working team, as well as my arts group But inside, old as I am, I'm still Alice and in real life I think I'm more of The White Queen. The Hatter of course is also compelling. I've always thought of The Rabbit as SuperEgo and the Hatter as Id.

I love the red blackbirds on your Red Queen. Their masks remind me of painted tin toys from the Victorian Era.

Facebook was yesterday's strange fruit for me - Time Travel is unsettling.

The WV is polyagni - the commitment to many forms of high drama?

K said...

Mmm. I like the Cheshire Catpoppet.

I would love to see a picture of the grapefruit. Or to be in a place where such strange fruits grow. Here, we have daffodils, which I've always considered a bit strange, but they're not that strange.

ravyn said...

i took yesterday off to go to a doc appt near my folks' place and spend the rest of the day with them. That was very nice, i worked on my dad's computers, talked with them, teased and made jokes. My dad bought me a roast to cook in my crock pot.

Today i have to get back to work. There is a mold on my desk, challenging me to fix a mistake i made the other night when i failed to put a sprue in a certain place. Knife fixes aren't themselves fixable. Hmph.

lisa said...

Hi Syd: I'd promised more Poppets in Wonderland costumes several months ago, so collectors could complete sets started last year. I'm very happy to be making them again. Giddy is good, but remember it's the pursuit that makes the happy. One at a time is better, in the end.
Yeah. I'm doing the right things. I know the right things to do, just haven't learned how to prevent the darkness from creeping up on me.

Drinne: your hallway idea sounds intriguing. I'd thought of doing pocket watches with paintings on the outside, and poppets inside, once, years ago, in another bit of time. I don't know why the birds are beginning to show up. But they demand to be here, and I don't argue with things that demand to be in the work.

K: I'll get a photo before I cut into it. I warn you. It's not pretty.

Ravyn: you're doing the right things too. time with people you love and the challenge of the sprue. The ever challenging sprue...

ravyn said...

lisa - the sprue is challenging me cause the easiest place from which i could cut a channel unfortunately cuts across a rather detailed part of the sculpture, and i don't want to stress it with an additional seamline (the main cut already bisects it).

i suppose, like the seapony, i could cast it once and see how it's working right now..... hmm i like that...

On other fronts, i sanded and primed three Foppets the other night. Yes, night. 30 deg outside. Neighbor grilling steak. It was torture. LOL.

ravyn said...

Muah hah hah hah! Casting was the way to go! Turns out i didn't have to cut the channel i thought i did. But i did have to cut a tiny channel in the detailed area to release air, but it worked :-D

i think i will treat myself to thai food and then get my allergy shot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know that the journey is just as important as the destination, Lisa (and more so in some cases), and I actually would feel guilty if I shut everyone else out of the running. But I will be doing some judicious bidding, trust me!

Not gonna say on which one I plan to bid, though... ;)

Drinne said...


The hallway is for Storm's Castle, which is collecting some materials and design ideas while the embassy is underway. The concept is pocket watches with small scenes inside of them under the glass.

On the way home today I also got the idea of building a tower out of the pocket watches and cracking the glass with the trapped time and scenes inside as a form of self portait. One does not preclude the other, but I'm not really a visual artist so it is far more likely that the hallway will happen. I can picture the White Rabbit in the hallway, but he is not late, he's marking his place.

Anonymous said...

The next time I feel down, I'm stealing fruit. What a flawless cure!

Ed said...

Dormouse caught my heart.
Caterpillar and The Queen too...

They're are all wonderful.

But as for strange fruits, this story made me think about Jacas. Jaca is a fruit we have here, a rather big fruit, some can reach 6 kilograms in weight (!). A falling jaca can be deadly even. And they have a most unusual shape and taste. I'll try to persuade Professor Green into some research about them.

But it's amazing how a strange fruit with a generous serving of light and wind can help. I think I'll try and get some tomorrow. But not jaca.

Wv: warednor

Lord Warednor of House Phytaphila. Guardian of the Purple and Golden Orchards.
(fruity mood)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poppets - I have a Cheshire Cat from a previous group, and I've always liked your versions of the Caterpillar. However, more poppet acquisitions will have to wait until I've paid off other purchases...

I find it to be a good thing to leave doors closed sometimes - often what's behind the doors get up to really interesting things without my direct attention on them, and when I get around to opening those doors again, there's some intriguing things waiting for me.

We just got about 6-8 inches of snow dumped on us. I went off to teach with no snow on the ground, but by the time my class was done (a 75 minute lecture class) there was two inches on the ground already. Snow-blower time tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you always seem to time posts like this one perfectly - they always appear when I need them to.

Here's to feeling better, and getting out of funks...

lisa said...

syd: fair enough. other collectors, be warned!

drinne: isn't it interesting how "on the way home" becomes a place for ideas?

sylvia: it works, for sure. And if you get caught, speak only to the fruit. The humans will be happy to let you go on your way.

Ed: I'm going to look up Jaca. All the falling fruit around here is citrus or figs or olives, mostly harmless. Unless you count the occasional golf balls, which can be deadly.

david: good advice to leave the rooms to their own devices for a bit. Like loose ideas, let them fall into the soup, recombine into new things.

quixotic: then, I know for sure I'm in good company.

WV ungstami