Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Bit of Now and Later

We're looking longingly at the swimming pool, but despite the fact that flowers are bursting into bloom, there's still plenty of snow on the mountains, the air is still crisp and the water is too cold, even for wetsuits. A solid bank of clouds is closing over the peaks as I type here, like a lid over our bowl of rock, and though we've had a few blustery days, the true windy season is ahead of us.
All these changes carry an energy that generally translates into a creative reset. I'm in transition, still partly mired in the introspection of winter, but I see more physical movement in the work in progress.

I want to thank David Kirkpatrick for his tutorial on creating animated gifs. And also Adrienne Reynolds for her wonderfully detailed account of her creation of the Poppet's Embarrassed Embassy.
Both are in the Nuts and Bolts section of the Poppet Planet Forums.
In addition, there have been an awful lot of great Poppets On Tour images to see for inspiration and fun.

Mostly the next couple of weeks will be spent finishing up pending projects and tying up loose ends. I want to remind everyone that we're still working on a new shopping format (in addition to the ebay store) that includes a layaway program. In the meantime, you can email Alison (aka Sunray Bug Poppet--see sidebar) to make payment arrangements, including items in the ebay store as long as arrangements are made before bidding.

At night, after the studio lights are out, I've been designing the commission for the Mr. Gaiman. So far, it's all on paper, but it's different from anything I've done before and from anything he might expect--which is a fairly bold statement, considering his imaginative powers.

So March is near. We'll be bringing out Poppets and art for St. Patrick's Day, very windy Poppets and new additions to the Alice in Wonderland and Midsummer Night's Dream collections.

All that said, I'd better get some rest. We're going to be busy.


K said...

Hello Lisa.

It is a time of transistion. I've been in some strange (mental) places myself lately, and haven't been here for a while, for which I'm sorry.

Still, the sun is staying above the horizon for longer, the snowdrops are showing. Time to get back to where the poppets are. Windy poppets sound good.

I haven't crocheted any poppets yet - I'll let you know when I do. I did make this the other week, though.

Didn't think of poppets until I had finished it and put it on. The mind works in strange ways.

lisa said...

You're a sage green Poppet!

and---I kid you not, the WV is


K said...

Yes! Whatever else we know and do not know about Poppets, I can guarantee that they have warm ears.

My WV is "hailz". Hailz to the Poppetz?

Drinne said...

How TMC - I just got a very ornate victorian influenced bar and back bar for the Embarrased Embassy project that we were possibly going to use in the Poppet Cafe. The thing is, we had the House Irish Poppet try it on for size and are having deep deliberations about whether or not Poppets would have a Pub . . . .

Also the Irishman in the house insists your St Paddy's Day Poppet has a "God's Blessing" in his hand and I think he has a pint.

The first he'd be able to get at the Poppet Cafe if they had a liquor license but the second indicates that somewhere on Poppet Planet is a Poppet Pub.

Inquiring Adrienn's want to know . . . . .

The WV is "profle" - The Profle Pub?

Ed, o Mamute. said...

"The Unhero Song:

in Times such as these
like some crumbling cheese

stand the Bold
like some Dark Stranger of old


Oh, that's awful. That's a Brazilian trying to construct a rhyming poem in english. It simply doesn't works.

What I was trying to do is come up with something involving Unsung Heroes/Unhero Songs, and make some witty remark.

Miserable attempt. =)

M'Lady, Windy Poppets sounds like a hush of fresh air.

lisa said...

adrienne: A Poppet Pub sounds like a place for some really enlightening conversations. I'm fairly convinced Poppets don't get 'drunk.' But they sure do enjoy, er...emulating humans.

ed o: a 'miserable' attempt is an appreciated effort.
hmm. how about something with one of the items we've invented recently?---"The Inappropriate Avenger"
K: very glad to have you back
WV is obtaigha

DavidK said...

Irish poppets! But the poppet'd better be careful not to spill his drink....

Do you know how God determines if an Irishman goes to Hell? He hangs him by his heels over a vat containing all the alcohol he's ever spilled or left in his glass, and if he drowns, then to Hell with him... told to me by one of my uncles when I was very little (Irish on both sides of the family).

WV - nexuvulm - what the world-famous kisser bellowed when drunk (I had to keep to the theme of this post, after all! ;-> )