Friday, March 24, 2006

What did we expect?

Fat Free Bologna
Ingredients: Turkey ingredients (Turkey, Mechanically separated turkey), Water, Turkey broth, Beef, Modified food starch*, Dextrose, Sodium lactate, Salt, Hydrolyzed beef stock, Carrageeman*, Hydrolyzed gelatin, Flavor, Sodium phosphate, Sodium diacetate, Sodium erythorbate (made from sugar), Extractives of paprika, sodium nitrite.

*exceeds the amounts allowed in regular bologna

Carrageeman is a seaweed product and, of course, gelatin comes from hooves, beaks ?and such. I think my favorite ingredient listed is 'flavor.'

I'm going to the studio now. I may not come out for a while.


Carl V. said...

ooooo...I'd love to have some of that bologna flavoring to sprinkle on all my favorite dishes!

I absolutely adore the open mouthed expression on that one puppet!

vandaluna said...

You bought that?
You ate that?
One is perhaps better off sticking with real junk food. I think potato chips (which I can't stand, but they are a good example)consist of potatos, oil and salt.


Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Oh my god! That is exactly how I feel at work! 28 hours of OT just this week. I think they think I am 3 people.

Carl V. said...

Wow! And I thought my work week was rough...hope that was PAID overtime Robert and not that convenient "overtime" the company gets from salaried employees.

vandaluna said...

Alchemy says, "They're cool, I love those things..."
Can't wait to meet Aubrey. Ravyn says she is a bit shy like Alchemy...maybe Jordan can bridge that gap.

Lito said...

My goodness, what's this in the picture? Little's Blog Things could probably say, maybe the taste would be better than the looks.

lisa said...


Spamming my journal places you in grave danger. We have waiting lions, hungry for people just like you. Beware.

Carl---hmmm. Bologna flavored ice cream? Actually, it tasted like garlic. Rubbery, rubbery garlic.

Vandaluna. Sigh. Yes, of course I did. (see comment above)
Someone has to keep check on the the evil.
It was....not good.

Robert---sometimes I think you're three people too. xoxo

jestersdna said...

mechanically seperated turkey is roadkill