Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And, he says, we talk entirely too much.


Carl V. said...

Must be rough bowling for elves when you can't see...unless of course Orion's using the force!

kelli bickman said...


i must say that i am green with envy of your organizational skills, everything in your studio is so labeled and neat-like. you continue to amaze.

orion is definately using the force. adorable.

i like your new image a lot, with the fish, in the back of the studio. i didn't realize it was so large when you posted it before.

hope you are well and we can see each other again soon. hugs and love from snowy new york!

kelli bickman

Carl V. said...

How ignorant of me. If I'd have paid attention to his outfit I would've realized he's using Spidey Sense, not the Force. Doh!

K said...

I want a hat like that.