Monday, March 13, 2006

Postcard Views

We woke to a beautiful desert morning. Deep blue skies, lovely snow-covered mountains, crisp clean sixty degree air.

So,we decided…meh. We picked up things that were blown over and decided to go inside and play.

We visited the Ministry of Silly Walks for ages. I think Orion was the first to stop this one, possibly from sheer parent-shame.

Later, Aubrey joined "Silly Dancing," inspired by her favorite Oui Oui song. We love Oui Oui!

Then there was "Silly-Do-As-I-Do" and "Silly Dance with Puppets."

Later, we played “Melt.” (If you’re wondering, you sit on the sofa together, and go limp and slide like pudding off the edge.)

We played, “Let’s Eat Carbs!”

We watched the Michel Gondry directed video for “Around the World” by Daft Punk. Then we played it again and danced like robots.

Then, for no reason, we jumped around for awhile. I now know how long I can continuously jump in place. It's not all that long.

Now I shall get myself to work. There is art to be done as there was fun to be had.

Pete and I saw Night Watch last week. I’ll leave the movie review to those better at reviews than I. I will say that I thought the first 15 minutes or so were really, really outstanding. I would definitely recommend it. And I am fairly picky.

A handsome young blonde guy in a size 5 Hulk tee just asked me for please one more dance before I put on my work apron.

I cannot refuse.



Jason Erik Lundberg said...

That sounds like a truly awesome and fun day. Yay for silly!

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Best. Post. Ever.

Carl V. said...

Saw Night Watch last week and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the other two in the trilogy.

You're quite the woman! I am worn out just READING about all that activity...if I had done all that I don't think I could then drag myself in to do any work, even if it was something I thoroughly enjoyed. Bravo!!!

lisa said...

Hi Erik---It was truly fun. RRNN, now I know what speaks to you and Carl, I must confess today, though there are no regrets, I am a body of sore muscles.

Carl V. said...

Oh well, those sore muscles just confirm that the activities were good for body and soul. Hope the soreness quickly disappears and that you have a wonderful day.

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Sounds like you might need to take a day off from taking a day off.

Father Inire said...

NIGHT WATCH (Nochnoi Dozor)
Waited for this thing for a long time.. such a long time that the hype factor was quite high but I believe that my thoughts will be unaffected by any of that stuff...

I mean it didn't happen with any of the new Star Wars films.. or the third Matrix movie.. or Equilibrium... .or Alien Vs. Predator.. or Underworld (remember this one, I'll harken on back to it later) or any other promised Science Fiction film that left me feeling as if Mr. Spock had performed a Vulcan Mind Meld on me (after having dipped his hand in some plomeek soup that was left over in the Tribble cage under that stupid harp hanging on his wall and then shortly thereafter giving Dr. McCoy the ol' Terran finger honoring his mother's heritage) and then implanting in my mind the image of him, Yoda, Dr. Smith, most of the Dr. Who's (pick your favorites here, guys), and J. Jonah Jameson playing Keep Away with Ambassador Kosh.
Q: How Will It End?
A: In fire.. Now gimme my ball back, you assholes

I'm not sure what any of that has to do with this movie.. but having said that.......

Enough about me.. let's talk about you...
First -- Reading doesn't make you want to go polish your gun rack and laugh at planes cause I can only imagine what a typical Hollywood DVD release English Language dub will do to this movie. (Insert your own Nuclear Wessels joke here). Subtitles and original actors voices are a must. Trust me. OK. OK? Ok.
Second -- did you like any or all of the following films? Be warned -- some of these may be trick answers and selecting them may result in quite the shunning.
My group will not accept me....

The Matrix
Underworld -- see told ya... harken harken harken
Dark City
Solaris -- the original Russian one
Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle
Any film with an annoying, big eyed precocious kid in it?

Well , if you answered yes. Don't be afraid you're not alone. The main creative force behind this film -- Timur Bekmambetov -- would like to hang out with you and trade Star Wars collectible stories. You and he have a lot in common. Me personally... I sold my Grandma's wooden leg to buy enough figures to have the proofs-of-purchase for that stupid Boba Fett variant. Too bad... that old lady really like to drive....
Third.. Do Eurotrash vampire stereotypes make you want to hit something? If yes, I hear there's a new Jessica Alba movie coming out... She's an excellent actress.. a wonderful find
Fourth.. Are you one of those high maintenance types who likes a coherent ending to your movie? I mean I know what happened overall, but how we got there exactly eludes both me and my highly astute and often consulted movie buddy. Write me if you can tell me about the elevator.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Night Watch..

It was good. I'll see the next one for certain. Check it out on the big screen , you cheap homebodies

By the way, go see Primer if you haven't already. If you don't like that, you are a big dumb dummy head and have forgotten what page you were on of that L. Ron Hubbard novel you've been skimming for the last 5 years. WAKE UP MAN!!