Monday, March 20, 2006

Just doing it

Today is a day for going into the studio early and working very late. It's a day for writing things down and using power tools.
It's a day for Orion to give me quick hugs and for Pete to bring me food.

It's a day the work gets done.

Orion thanks you all for birthday wishes and liked when I read him RRNN's poem. You are all very cool.

Pics soon, words soon. Work now.


Carl V. said...

Have a wonderful, creative day...just don't mix the hugs and power tools.

K said...

Happy belated birthday to Orion (sorry). I've been too busy to visit (impending wedding) but coincidentally thought of Orion when I saw a rather cool Spidey T-shirt yesterday...

Pics and words are good. Power-tools, on the other hand, are scary.

Hey! my security word is "RRNNs"!

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

I'm everywhere.

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...
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