Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 151

Orion double-advanced and is now the wearer of the orange. It looks good on him. The orange, yes - what's not to love about orange and black? What I mean is the concentration, intensity and 'the zone' that play across his face as he finds his balance, as he 'feels' it. Among my favorite movies are Enter the Dragon, Iron Monkey and Kung-Fu Hustle. Samauri Jack is one of my heros. Right. I know. They are what they are. But you know what I mean. I thought I had at least an appreciation of the martial arts. Until this year, watching these kids train, I didn't really appreciate the beauty of the art on this level. There's something about seeing it from the beginning.
I've seen it before. The look of a human being, learning an art form.
It's a truly beautiful thing.

Today was Tuesday. I got a great deal of work done on a painting for a book project.

I'll be honest with you. I was up at 6:30. Took Orion to school at 7:45. Back by 8. I didn't start until 11. I spent the first part of the morning finishing up some 'have-to's' for PP.
But. I showed up and the work was done.

It's a start. Feels pretty good.
Today, I did what it took.


Congratulations, Champions!

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spacedlaw said...

Congratulations to you! (and Orion)
Not sure how much you are looking into Twitter so I wante to confirm that I got your A project. The loveliness!
Thanks for all the hard work and for the B too!