Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 139

Bilbo has revealed himself, crawling out of the nest and over the fuzzy mountains seeking adventure. It proved quite a task and after completing his journey, he lay down next to a star and dreamed.

Silly little kitty.

Orion has claimed Bilbo and Aubrey, Mystro.

So far, a very nice professor (poetry) waits for one of the girls. It's possible a kitten will claim me. But something tells me to wait. And see.

Though I haven't mentioned it in awhile, Orion and I still follow Frodo and his companions. Tonight, with heavy hearts, the weary troup marches on. Gandalf has fallen and hope seems a long way away, perhaps to be found in Lothlorien.


spacedlaw said...

They are so cute. Mystro looks like it could a bundle of troubles...

lisa said...

spacedlaw: Mystro will be no end of trouble, which is likely why he chose Aubrey.
Did "A" poppet arrive?