Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 140

Earth Maiden poppets for Summer Solstice had to come in every color. It's all about the light.

These poppets are like Skittles. Taste the rainbow. Or maybe not. Though quite a number of collectors have confessed that they've licked a poppet at some point in time, poppets tell me they tolerate licking, but don't particularly like it. So, I'd keep the poppet tasting to a minimum. Otherwise you may have a poppet coup. If you have a lot of poppets, this could be a problem.

I'm just saying.

Today I sort of swam with Orion. At least I got wet. I'm not as fearless as I was. A year too long out of the water and weather that isn't warming the pool. It will come back if I work at it. And I will.



Grace London said...

These summer girls make me smile. I'm hoping one of them makes her merry way to me for my birthday.

Sending good thoughts your way. x

Eliana said...

It's amazing how they carry every celebration in their small bodies.
A big hug.