Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 149

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Not so many pretty words today. Plain words. This weekend was for plain stuff and lots of it. Fine if the mood suits. It didn't. I want to write. Again, short term wins. Another attempt at escape velocity last week didn't quite pan out. That won't stop me from trying again. I'm not complaining. Far from it. As day jobs go, making poppets fits me like a glove. There are plenty of days when making poppets doesn't feel like work at all. Fine if the mood suits. Some days you feel like a nut. Sometimes you are.

I did a lot of organizing in the studio. As a result I renewed quite a number of poppet listings on Etsy for those that haven't been seen for awhile. If there's a poppet you missed in the past, tell us and Aubrey or I will see if we have it.

I listened to music and did some thinking. What I thought about is that if I want to finish either book project or larger work, I have to take my own advice and show up. If I can't set aside a week to go off and work, I have to set aside a day, or even half a day at least once a week, then I have to show up, without fail, to work on that specific thing. It's such an easy concept to know, but so hard to put into practice.

Spencer moved more of his things out. The house already seems larger. These changes, rearrangements, seem the perfect time to modify the work schedule. Tuesday.

Can I put Tuesday aside for other work? Tuesday will show up. Will I? I hope so. Either way, I'll let you know and maybe we'll figure something out together. I don't envy myself, being in charge of me.



ravyn said...

You know, if you start posting kitteh vids, how are the rest of us going to get ANY WORK DONE????


Carrie said...

I follow your blog because I believe in you and your talents. It's more than okay to have crappy days, weeks, months even. Know that you are loved and it's going to be okay.

Drinne said...

I'm soooo not a cat person . . . . . I am SUCH a sucker for kittens though . . . .

I keep hoping you'll find a wandering "My Backpack is Pink" mini poppet - I meant to get her to go to school with Chip and and the Back to School mini poppet - but I missed her travel dates, I'll be watching to see if she turns up.

spacedlaw said...

My heart goes out to you (and the little black and white kitten). So much more space now to find yourself, to play hide and seek with Orion or the kittens. To play and work in. To make your own.

Artships said...

Always a problem for the non-independently wealth: Do only what you feel like doing because that's what goes fastest, or force yourself to do what you should, even though forced effort doesn't always go well. For the latter to work-out well you have to be able to immerse yourself in whatever you're doing at the time. That's not me, but I think that's you. Only you know for sure.