Monday, June 22, 2009

dancing puppies and the worry poppet

A few shots from Zoya's recital on Saturday.

(Zoya in center, ears flying.)

A new steam punk poppet car, collaboration with Bent.

Poppet 'worry doll' in a box. When I was a little girl there was an elderly lady living down the street. Mrs. Brewer. Her backyard was surrounded by an ancient grey fence with porcelain nails. My brother and I marveled at the smooth concavity of these strange nails. The bottom of this Poppet feels just like that, cold and smooth. It's hard to stop touching it. So I turned it into my version of the 'worry doll.' My own will live on my desk, but if that doesn't work, under my pillow she goes.

I feel a bit like I'm made of lead. I keep reminding me that this will go away. I know that's true . We can always count on things changing. So I work a bit, and rest a bit. Weird schedule, but it can work in summer. There is at least that.
And books. And cable. Oh Sookie. Oh Bill. You've made a sad human chuckle.


Stacey said...

Ah hahaha! Sookie and Bill... a friend has me hooked on that. It is a pleasant and amusing if... red... diversion. LOL!

Zoya is a doll. Here's to lightened worries very soon.

jordan's mom said...

Jordan and I are huge True Blood fans, too. There's just something about them all, isn't there?

Hang in there. The summertime funk peaks in another month, then starts to get better. Don't forget the Monkey pops...

K said...

Thinking about you. Nothing very profound to say, but thinking, nonetheless.