Thursday, June 25, 2009

strength and skies, friends and poppets

I'm still feeling fragile. Too fragile. There was the slow burnout, then the smashing upon the floor, then losing Gurtie. Sent me into a real tailspin.

Damn. But I don't give up. I use the tools I've acquired to stop the descent so I can start pulling myself up again. That doesn't mean that occasionally I don't cry like a baby.

I'm starting to gather up the catnip mouses and other things that set me off.

The temps are 'normal' now, (106 today) so there's little going outside until evening, except to be underwater.

I tend (as if you haven't noticed) to turn my attention often to the sky. Clouds by day and stars at night. I tend also (I've noticed recently) to use the analogy of flight for describing emotions.

I did finally get "Amelia's Skies" finished. It's been sitting for weeks, so very nearly done. Getting her finished and photographed feels good.

She's the first of a new series of Poppet sculptures honoring humans Poppets love. We made these really cool hand painted boxes for her ---good enough to keep---with a replica of Amelia Earhart's pilot's license inside the lid, acquired from the excellently cool Propnomicon. Very worth checking out.
So. there you are. I told you I'd keep you posted on the 'fixing' of your burnt -out artist. It's been anything but a straight line so far. I keep hoping some wonderfully helpful advice will come out of this, because I know a lot of you deal with similar issues. So far, I have no all-encompassing formula. But maybe you'll glean something useful from my sharing the experience. I hope so.

Spencer and I have some really interesting pieces (that do things) in the works for Halloween and the World Fantasy Convention. That helps. This weekend I'll spend some time with my buddy the Neil Gaiman and meet Amanda Palmer, whom I already feel I know. That will help too. The house is tired of me and really wants me to go away.
be safe


Anonymous said...

A gorgeous poppet. I love the clouds and contrast between the blue and gold. So, I see that she is 2/50...this means there are more 'poppet's favorite humans' poppets to come, not more Amelia poppets?

Recovering from a burnout takes some time. Just like areas recovering from a grass fire: they come back, in time.

Indulge in what refreshes you, and soak in your faith.

ODD imagination said...

I'm a Poppet lover and this one is no exception. I too favor the sky regardless weather, day or night. It is my zen with my bare feet planted on the Earth.
Thanks for sharing yourself and your art!

Robert said...

Watch out for bears!

lisa said...

Thanks Kelly. There will be fifty Amelia poppets in the edition, and more editions of other poppet-admired humans.

ODD: another sky watcher. Very cool.

wow. I kid you not---the word verification is flymette

lisa said...

robert: Didn't Stephen Colbert put a moratorium on bears?

just when I thought we were safe.

DavidK said...

Lovely enigmatic poppet, and I'm looking forward to others in the series - it's a great idea.

No words of advice from this area of the world - it's not much better here, I'm sorry to say. Best I can do is to tell you to keep watching the youngest ones.

Enjoy the change of scenery!