Friday, June 19, 2009

good things

This morning I walked by the bench that was Gurtie's favorite spot for napping. Her impression is still there.
I'm not going to hide from the sadness,
but I won't go looking for it either.

There are other things around me.
Zoya at ballet. Baby hummingbirds in a pot by our front door.
Sensations of the seashore, lingering fresh, despite the days between.
I'll take all these things with me to the studio and work. They'll go into the mix and become part of whatever I make next. That's the nature of art, and human beings.

Thank you ever so much for your comments. You are definitely on my list of good things.


Rubius said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Gurtie's passing. It is so hard to lose a companion. You just have to do the best you can to keep breathing and working and living. I am sure the work will help. Keep looking at the good things, the baby birds, the fond memories, the future works. We are with you, in spirit, if not in body.

That is a beautiful shot of the hummers. Very magical. They do fling their poop everywhere, don't they? Messy messy little bitty birds.

lisa said...

We've enjoyed this nest. It's in a hanging pot right next to the front door. We've watched since there were two little eggs.

Thanks Rubius. Better days will come, and I plan to see you again.

ravyn said...

Lisa - love the shot of the hummers. Sorry i missed you today, my day was tied up with car maintenance :-(

Loraine said...

So sorry about Gurtie... still...

I've tried to get pictures of hummingbirds in the wild. They're the most difficult things I've attempted to photograph. Even butterflies and dragonflies and eagles have accommodated me, but never a hummingbird- yet.