Friday, June 12, 2009

There is new work up on Etsy and on Ebay. There are new works in progress on every table in the studio. There are meetings scheduled and lists upon lists. There are commissions in progress. There are long overdue projects in que. There is the one project I long to work on and rarely get to touch. There are people waiting for my calls.
I feel nowhere near a stopping point. I don't think things will even begin to ease up until October.

So, I'm taking a little time off, getting a change of scenery.

Because I can't afford not to.

I'm tired from overworking, still sore and recovering from the brutal encounter with the floor, but mostly, my brain needs some fresh air.

We all work better and smarter with rest. They don't call it 'recreation' for nothing.

Have a great weekend.


DavidK said...

Enjoy the vacation - you need and deserve it! Recharging is as important as doing...

WV - hoonsery: a small gathering of women for the purpose of sewing and knitting, specifically for their daughters' wedding chests.

3rdEyeMuse said...

wishing you a wonderful, happy-laughter filled break. :)

Loraine said...

I know the feeling. Enjoy your time.

Carl V. said...

I love that you are on Etsy now as well as Ebay. Etsy is one of the best things to ever happen to the internet, in my opinion. I love what it is about and have discovered and conversed with many incredible creators through the site.

I'm glad that you have the inspiration and the demand on your work to make you that busy and yet I completely see how that can be something that wears you out and saps creativity. It is great that you are doing the thing that will ultimately re-ignite your creativity and drive: getting some rest! I wish you all the best with your time off.

K said...

Have a good break. I am heading for the hills myself this week and looking forward to it so, so much.

Knitting will be done, also swimming.