Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No time for extra credit, Mom. Put the pencil down.

A glimpse of how we spent our evening. These last weeks leading up to the event have been interesting indeed. I thought about what I might write about it, but the truth is that for those who haven't had the experience, the interesting parts are irrelevant---there's no point of reference. For those who've had the experience, there's no need for words.

Congratulations, Aubrey. Congratulations to all of you, Class of 2009.


Robert said...

Congratz Aubrey! Our little girl graduated this year too (my cousin actually) it's hard to believe. Sometimes when you look at this generation of young adults you can actually feel the world shifting. Bring it on I say!

Rebecca said...

Congrats, Aubrey! I graduated culinary school last year. It was the first time I'd walked, since I skipped my HS graduation.

Say, Lisa, have you seen My Milk Toof? I think you'd enjoy it!

lisa said...

Robert: You're right. It's like time travel. I feel like Marge Simpson---I look at Orion and think "I'm never letting YOU go."

But alas, one day I will.

Rebecca: Indeed, I do like My Milk Toof! Would be great to do something similar with Poppets. What do you think, Drinne?

Rubius said...

Congratulations Aubrey!!! Well done.

Stacey said...

Ha! "milk toof" is adorable.

Congratulations Aubrey!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Aubrey. I love your dress :)

Drinne said...

Yes we can!

Hmmm - a bit of research - Milk Toof ( I have now officially become a follower) is considered a photo-comic. I have two entries on the Dreamtime blog that are similar in format where Poppets are interacting with daily things, but they are wordy because I am writer girl.

The Coffee Poppets Protest:

And the Poppets getting the House ready for passover this year

and they just went to the local artshow - it's the current entry at Dreamtime, but I think I can do some things that are more photocomic. I have about 3 things ready to work with -I will try them and post links back. If it works we can pick one group or one poppet to follow. It won't be anything like the Embassy or Tales of Tiny Alien but I think I could actually do more of these.

The Reds don't live in Poppetropolis - maybe them?

And perhaps they should be seperate from the Dreamtime blog which is full of everything?

Aubery, congrats on a great achievement! You also happen to look beautiful. Welcome the to the part where you get to pick the adventure :0)

WV is lortlevr - The tool the Lorax has developed to flip backhoes on their backs.

Stacey said...

My stories are a little bit more photo-comic style, but still more photo story.

Poppety Perigrinations

Rivets story could probably have been done more comic style, less storytelling.

Could be fun to work with that.

Robert said...

By the way Aubrey looks fantastic in that dress!!

ravyn said...

Congrats Aubrey! It was great seeing you at Balticon this year! Next year you have to drag Mom out too ;-)

Carl V. said...

Congrats Aubrey! And congrats to you as well Lisa. My niece recently graduated from high school and my daughter does next year...makes me wonder even more where the time goes! It had been a long time since I had been to a graduation of any kind and it was a really great experience.